Nothing exists for nothing. Creation is not of itself made and nothing in it has nothing to do. Creation exists solely through an Intelligent Design formulated by the Creators to expand themselves within themselves according to rule. There is aught in Creation not of the Design. The Design in it's entirety is revealed in Book 1 of  'The Revelatorium', titled 'The Intelligent Design of Creation'.

You are not aware of the design because you have not yet been made aware of the Principles of Creation. Your entire world view is held in a stygian deep of stagnant errant thought known as the 'Mentallized Illusion'. The Mentallized Illusion is the accumulated product of your wayward thinking over the past three and a half million years.

As an example, during the second world war the mountain natives of Papua New Guinea observed US army supply planes landing, dropping down the back, and rolling out military equipment and supplies large and small. The Natives concluded that it was a big bird bestowing gift upon the US soldiers. Wanting some for themselves they built large replicas of the sic, bird as high up as they could along the mountain ridges. Figuring they would attract the birds down and disgorge some of the gifts for themselves.

This is Mentallized Illusion in the extreme, stemming solely from the mentallizing aspects of their intellect instead of from the Intelligence, Energy, and Substance harmony of their higher consciousnesses. Now, in minds' eye start this type of process off  three and a half million years ago when Mankind first fell into the third dimension at a very fundamental level. Continue it unrequited until today, and you have the hard core collective clog of mentallized mis-belief today called the Mentallized Illusion. The Mentallized Illusion of today, the whole of what you hold to be Reality, has very little Reality in it.

Reality is the Universe thought the eyes of someone in the fifth dimension and higher who is not subject tot the conditions of Earth or any other of the twenty seven thousand odd planets which became afflicted with lesser Luciferian light during the Luciferian Rebellion Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus. Where the metaphysical viewpoints of Creation became very askew as in sic, 'The Universe is itself made', 'The Hierarchy are all self appointed', and 'Energy runs unrestrained in the Universe and is free for the taking'. 

Also for example, the Mentallized Illusion has in it that a new built house comprises timber and plaster held together by nails. The reality is the consciousness of the builders and subsequent owners holding a ridged  belief in the system keeps the nails holding the house together. If the home is abandoned, even if new and consciousness is no longer holding it together, within ten years it will have become derelict., Within thirty years it will have starting collapsing. Within eighty years only a pile of rubble will remain. Within two hundred years grass will cover what once was the house.

Building which have consciousnesses continuing to uphold them endure. Structures from the eighteenth century and earlier which have remained inhabited or are in public use are still standing firm. Churches and Mosques from the sixth century are still standing strong and still hold congregations. Consciousness are holding them together, not mortar and nails. Old abandoned archaeological ruins such as castles and temples which seem to withstand the ravages of time do so because the locals still hold them in their consciousnesses as memories of the past.

Because of the Mentallized Illusion your current notions about Reality are completely misconstrued. You believe the entirety of Creation is a fourteen billion year old Universe. In Reality, Creation is over nine hundred trillion light years across and still within its infancy. You believe that Creation started out with a single big bang over fourteen billion years ago. In Realty Creation began from a single fourteenth dimensional 'Point and Center' of Creation at the ending of the Antiquities of the Silences untold eons ago, The Point and Center was eventually evolved into the fourteenth dimensional Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega. The Cube and Sphere was eventually projected down into a thirteenth dimensional 'cubit'. Creation has been expanding from that single projected cubit ever since.

You have a lot of Illusion to translate, particularly about yourselves. You believe you are person, sprung from the loins of Nature, to live for while and then to die. In reality you are a Triune Celestial Christ Soul Atom Being who agreed to incarnate into your current situation to be of love and service to the Creation for the Creators. And to live in the projection until the work at hand is done and then to cast off your outer projectional physical body and return back to your original eternal higher dimensional self. Once brought forth into Creation, you are forever.

Similarly, the original cubit forming Creation was begun long ago and Creation continues to ever expand a step at a time  Creation has been expanding by the Will, Desire, and Action of the Creators to convert themselves from out an original Causeless ill fated eighteenth dimensional Great Even Pool of Darkness formulation of Intelligent Breath and Tiny Particles of Substance, into their consciousness Caused everlasting Triune formulations of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance called Creation.

Above the Point and Center are the fifteenth to eighteenth dimensions, including the fifteenth dimensional Holy Trinity whose creative enterprise Creation comprises.

Your Christianities hold that the Holy Trinity is a Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. In actuality, the Holy Trinity is a Father, Only Begotten Son/Daughter, and Mother. 'As above so below'. The personae of the Father is Alpha, the personae of the Mother is Omega, the personae of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter is Christ. You were given the names 'Alpha' and 'Omega' at both the beginning and at the end of the book of Revelations but chose to ignore them, absorbing them into the Jewish alphabet instead.

The attribute of the Father is Intelligence, the attribute of the Mother is Substance, the attribute of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter is Energy. Intelligence, Substance, and Energy is all there is, and thus you have it.

You are likewise led to believe that 'God the Father' is the Creator of the Universe. In Reality Alpha and Omega, Father and Mother are the Creators. You have hitherto denied the Mother and Daughter their rightful place in Creation because you have hitherto been completely prevented by your religions from knowing the true tenets of Reality.

You are likewise led to believe that the third dimension is the all of it. Alpha and Omega are eighteen dimensional. Creation is their thirteenth dimension and below, and their third dimension is part and parcel of the lowest frequencies in Creation. Similarly, outside of the Creators nothing exists. You are not something outside of the Creators as in the sic, 'You are down here and God is up there' misconception that most Religions impose upon you. You are part and parcel of Alpha and Omega's outer Created Body and there is nothing in between.

The eighteen dimensions of the Creators are collectively called 'Reality'. The Creators do not dwell in the dimensions, the Creators are the dimensions. Who also comprise the totality of Reality. In their eighteenth dimensionality they are their Great Even Pool of Darkness self. In their fifteenth dimensionality they are their Holy Trinity self. In their fourteenth dimension they are their vast living atom Cube and Sphere projected self, known as the 'Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega'. In their thirteenth dimension and below they are their Creation.

In causeless cause, their Great Even Pool of Darkness self consists only of vibrating Intelligent Breath and vibrating Tiny Particles of Substance. By conscious cause of their Holy Trinity self, the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega comprises Pure Intelligence, Pure Substance, and Pure Energy. Also by conscious cause of their Holy Trinity self, Creation comprises their thirteenth dimensional Island of Paradise and all dimensions below.

Just as your physical body in which you walk about is your outer created body, Creation is the outer created body of Alpha and Omega. Their outer created body is composed of two parts, an 'Inner' Creation and an 'Outer'. Their Inner Creation consists of dimensions thirteen to nine and their Outer Creation consists of dimensions seven to one. The Eight dimension is an uninhabited octave of transmutation. You are part and parcel of their Outer Creation.

Their Created body derives directly from the three frequencies of their Holy Trinity self. The three frequencies of their Holy Trinity self can be permuted in seven different ways. The seven permutations are: Father, Son/Daughter, Mother, Mother/(Son/Daughter), Father/Mother, Father/(Son/Daughter), and Father/Mother/(Son/Daughter).

As previously stated, Intelligence is the attribute of the Father. Substance is the attribute of the Mother. Energy is the attribute of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter. Their three attributes can likewise be permuted in the exact same sequence, namely, 1. Intelligence, 2. Energy, 3. Substance, 4. Substance/Energy (Expansion), 5. Intelligence/Substance (Perfection), 6. Intelligence/Energy (Creation), and 7. Intelligence/Energy/Substance (Completion, pure Triune Being, the day of rest).

The seven attributional permutations are called the 'Seven Days of Creation'. The Seven Days reflect the current Outer Creation as Seven Great Super Universes, whereby each Super Universe is biased on one or another of the seven permutations. The Seven Days also reflects as the seven dimensions of the Outer Creation, also based on the same permutations.

The Holy Trinity and above are not materialized, referred to as internalized and Inner. The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega and Creation below are all materialized, referred to as externalized and Outer. A materialization is a precipitated manifestation of Intelligence, Substance, and Energy in outer externalized form.

The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega constitutes their very first frequencies of an outer externalized materialization of Intelligence, Substance, and Energy. The Cube and Sphere is the interface between the higher inner internalized non-material frequencies of Alpha and Omega in their Holy Trinity self and their dimensions above, and their lower outer externalized materialized frequencies as Creation in their dimensions below. Through the intermediary of their Cube and Sphere the whole of Creation has been projected.

The externalized materializations of Alpha and Omega as Creation exist solely as a result of the Intelligent Design formulated by Alpha and Omega to expand themselves within themselves and by no other reason. Through their Intelligent Design, all of Creation has been blueprinted and expressed. Every aspect of Creation is by auspices of the Design and no part of Creation exists which is not of the design.

Likewise, by the Design every aspect of Creation fulfills a specific purpose, and everything so far undergone, currently undergoing, and to become is by result of the Design. Creation has been built entirely according to this rule. There are no exceptions. The totality of the Design is revealed in Book 1 of The Revelatorium titled, 'The Intelligent Deign of Creation', whose basics are outlined in Starrgram 24 herein.

The Holy Trinity comprises consciousness Being only. The fourteenth dimensional one point wide Point and Center of Creation is the first outer step towards Creation undertaken by Alpha and Omega in accordance with their Intelligent Design. The one point 'Point and Center of Creation' fixes the one and only point in the entirety of their Great Pool of Reality where a Creation of manifestations could begin. The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega is centered upon, and built upon, that one and only single Point and Center. The point and Center is fully detailed in Starrgram 2 of  'The Intelligent Design of Creation'.

Their Cube and Sphere is their first fully projected outcome in externalized outer material form of their internalized higher dimensional principles and attributions. It is the cornerstone of their Intelligent Design. Their Cube and Sphere is a complete 'Living Atom' representation of their Holy Trinity self in outer materialized form, and is the progenitor mold for all living Soul Atoms to follow like yourselves..

Within their Living Atom Cube and Sphere projection, the frequencies of Alpha are held as a Vast Sphere of Pure Intelligence representing the Intelligence factor of the Father. The frequencies of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter are held as a Vast Y Factor of Pure Energy representing the Energy factor of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter. And the frequencies of Omega are held as a Vast Cube of Pure Substance representing the Substance factor of the Mother.

Their electromagnetic equivalents in visible light are Intelligence - red, Energy - blue, and Substance - yellow.

The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega

As seen above, the Mother holds the Father in her bosom. In all dimensions and all expressions below the Cube and Sphere including you as you walk about, the principle upholds the same. Your Substance factor holds your Intelligence factor in your bosom.

Around their Cube and Sphere outer projection exists the Island of Paradise. Around their Island of Paradise exists their Inner Creation. Around their Inner Creation exists their Outer Creation.

Their Inner Creation was completed long ago and is much smaller than their Outer.

Paradise is the highest dimension of their Inner Creation. Their Inner Creation is the thirteenth dimension to their ninth. Their Outer Creation is their seventh dimension to their first. Just as the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega is the interface between their higher inner internalized frequencies in their dimensions above and their lower outer externalized frequencies in their dimensions below, their eighth dimension is the interface between their Inner Creation and their Outer Creation. The eighth dimension is a vast void, whose sole purpose is to transmute the frequencies from out of the one and into the other of people passing from the Inner Creation to the Outer, and visa versa. Their whole Creation is taken to be their fourteenth dimension to their first.

Their Outer Creation is comprised of seven great Super Universes. The seven great Super Universes are like bubbles, created in accordance with the frequencies of the Seven Days of Creation. The bubbles surround their Inner Creation like the petals of a flower. Each Super Universe is seven dimensional, but reflects one of the seven days as its primary attribute. Each Super Universe is fully Triune but biased on the side of its attribute.

The seven Super Universe attributions follow in the same order of rule as do their seven outer dimensions. Their first Super Universe is biased on the side of Intelligence, their second on the side of Energy, their third on the side of Substance, and so on. Their seventh Super Universe is Intelligence/Substance/Energy, pure Triune.

Their seven Super Universes are not all the same size. Their first Super Universe of Intelligence is very small. This last Super Universe of Intelligence/Energy/Substance is very large. You are in their Seventh Super Universe. Urversa is the administrative center of this Seventh Super Universe, ninety five billion light years from Earth. Buddhists teach that Nirvana is a final state of restful mind. In actuality, Nirvana is a satellite of Urversa. It is the portal to the eight dimension for transition to the Inner Creation for the Evolution. Whereby Soul Atoms passing through from the one Creation to the other are placed in a restful state of complete stasis while their frequencies are quietly transmuted from the frequencies of the one Creation to those of the other.

The current Outer Creation is projected through the Will of the Father and Expression of the Son, that the Desire of the Mother and Expression of the Daughter become known. Seven more Super Universes are to become Created. The seven new Super Universes will all be projected through the Desire of the Mother and the Expression of the Daughter that the Will of the Father and Desire of the Mother be fulfilled.

All fourteen Super Universes will become expanded seven more times after that. The seven final expansions will be through the Will of the Father and expression of the Son, plus Desire of the Mother and expression of the Daughter that the whole of Alpha and Omega's original seven frequency inner potentiality of Father, Mother, and Only Begotten Son/Daughter becomes expressed in outer materialized form.

When their last and final expansion has been completed, the entirety of their Great Even Pool of Darkness self will be converted into a single everlasting Triune expression of Absolute Intelligence, Absolute Energy, and Absolute Substance as a final and penultimate event, whose consciousness will be Absolute Father, Absolute Mother, and Absolute Only Begotten Son and Daughter, and their original ill fated Great Even Pool of Darkness status will be no more. This final and ultimate conversion is the entire purpose of their Intelligent Design.

To recap, their original Great Even Pool of Darkness vibration of Intelligent Breath and Tiny Particles of Substance were entropic, meaning constantly falling in frequencies to an eventual absolute zero. The purpose of Creation is to convert their original falling vibrations into frequencies of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance which don't fall in frequency and are everlasting. Their Intelligent Design is the modus operand.

The structure of their Inner Creation is based variously upon the seven permutations of their holy Trinity Self. The structure of their Outer Creation is based entirely upon their seven outer dimensions. The seven great Super Universes of the Outer Creation all have the same seven dimensions in each, each set of seven biased toward the attribute of the particular Super Universe involved. Through the dimensions, the seven frequencies of the whole Outer Creation are all tied together.

For being of the same order of rule, the dimensions follow in the same order of rule as do the Seven Days of Creation  The consciousness of everyone in the Outer Creation, including yourselves, is likewise seven dimensional, following in the same order of rule for being of the same principle in kind.

Following the sequence, the character of the first dimension is Intelligence, the character of the second dimension is Energy, the third dimension is Substance, and etc. The frequencies of the first three dimensions work together as one. Your consciousness as you are, projected into Earth's lower third dimensional outer world condition as you are, is completely unable to distinguish between the first three dimensions. Pinch yourself, your Intelligence, Energy, and Substance were all equally involved. For convenience, the first three dimensions of Intelligence, Substance, and Energy are collectively called the Third Dimension.

Within each of the Super Universes, the character of its fourth dimension is expansion. All frequencies of the fourth dimension are higher than those of the third. The frequencies of all seven Super Universes are reflected as distinct sub-octaves or Energy transitions within the fourth dimension of each Super Universe, tailored to each Super Universe's particular attribution. The frequencies of the seven sub-octaves follow the same rules as do the dimensions. Each sub-octave is likewise higher in frequency than the one below.

Each Super Universe's seven dimensions are likewise represented in the same manner within each of it's seven sub-octaves as levels. There are seven times seven equals forty nine specifically different Energy levels to the fourth dimension of every particular Super Universe. Which your Mystics have variously called the Astral states or Astral planes without understanding their nature or meaning. The Bible calls it Jacob's Ladder, the forty nine steps from the Third Dimension called Earth, to the Fifth Dimension, called by your religions, 'Heaven'.

In reflection of the forty nine astral states of Earth's fourth dimension, the United States of America was founded on the spiritual principle of forty eight states below the forty ninth parallel, with Alaska above as the forty ninth state. The fiftieth state of Hawaii is a misanthrope, imposed by negative entities working within the outer world condition, bearing no relationship whatsoever to the Tenets of Reality.

With the living Atom Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega as progenitor, Alpha and Omega have projected living Christ Triune 'Soul Atom/Atum' Son and Daughter representations of themselves in great number into Creation. The Sons and Daughter are all androgen Twin Ray Atom/Atum Children of the Breath, called Soul Atoms for short. Where Atom/Atum means Male/Female. You are a Christ Triune Soul Atom/Atum Son/Daughter of the Creators.

In Reality, all Soul Atom children, including yourselves, participate duly in bringing about the completion of Creation to its final absolute everlasting Triune state as your responsibility to bear. Soul Atoms including yourselves have no other responsibility and exist for no other reason. There are no wasted frequencies in Reality. Likewise, Soul Atoms are everlasting. As said, once brought into being, Soul Atoms are forever. The Triune Being Jesus Christ made great moment about that two thousand years ago. Most people didn't get it and still don't, victims of the Mentallized Illusion.

The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega is the largest living Atom in Creation. Their Soul Atom children in abundance are the smallest. Soul Atom are not the Tiny Particles of the Great Even Pool of Darkness. The Tiny Particles are of Substance only. All living Soul Atoms in Creation, including the Cube and Sphere are complete Intelligence, Substance, and Energy Only Begotten Son/Daughter Christ emulations of the Holy Trinity principle of Alpha and Omega in outer manifested form. 'In our likeness and image made we them'.

Two types of Soul Atom Children of the Creators exist, Ascendant Beings, also called Evolutionary or the Ascendancy, and Descendant Beings, also called the Descendancy which you call Angels. Descendant Beings fulfill the administrative roles of Creation, Evolutionaries are their responsibility. Evolutionaries start off in the fifth dimension with diminished Christ Consciousness capability, and slowly evolve into full Christ Consciousness capability at the feet of the Creators in Paradise. You are brought into existence as one or the other, there is no third.

The bottom line of the Outer Creation is the fifth dimension. The fifth dimension is higher in frequency than the fourth which is higher in frequency than the third. Within the perfection of the fifth dimension the Ascendancy begin their journey to become Trinitized at the feet of the Creators in Paradise and the Descendancy works with lowest light. The seventh dimension is the highest frequency in the Outer Creation and is its main stay.

In the fifth Dimension the Ascendancy learns progressively about the Principles of Christ. In the seventh dimension they learn progressively how to put the Principles into practice. Buddha, a Descendant, taught the Ascendants the evolutionary path through the fifth and seventh dimensions circa five hundred and six hundred BC. Nobody today remembers anything he originally taught, morphing them into statements about how to be supposedly spiritual instead of how to progress. The same Soul Atom later taught the Descendants a higher form of spirituality under title of  'The Essenes'.

Likewise, third dimensional populations such as on Earth, loosely referred to as 'Time Line' situations, are aberrations, ill consequent of Lucifer's Self Will Rebellion of the Cosmic Overplus five billion years ago. The clean up in the aftermath of the Rebellion is already well underway as that you call Armageddon. At its conclusion, all resulting lesser Luciferian Light of the Rebellion will have been dissolved from Creation forever, including any and all Time Line existences.

What the third dimensional population of Earth has forgotten is that the Creators are conscious. Every Being in Creation is an eternal conscious living Soul Atom representation of Alpha and Omega and is Triune, including yourselves. The conscious expression of every Soul Atom in Creation is the Triune Christ Consciousness expression of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter, as Co-Creator to the Creators. You are a Co-Creator to the Creators but have forgotten about it until now.

Regardless of what you might believe about Creationism or Evolution, the entire population of Earth today, including yourselves is comprised solely of Triune living Soul Atom Children of Alpha and Omega. You have become temporarily bogged down within Earth's lower third and fourth dimensional outer expressions and believe yourselves to be mortal non-descripts. Nothing could be further from the truth. You are a living Triune Celestial Christ Conscious Soul Atom Child of Alpha and Omega. No one is excepted, Descendants start out there, Evolutionaries eventually learn it, Fallen Ones will eventually have to accept it.

Universally throughout Creation, consciousness is the same and is known everywhere as 'Christ' consciousness. The basic frequencies of Christ consciousness are those of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter, expressed the same by every living Soul Atom in Creation regardless of who or where they are or in what dimension they reside. Through your Christ conscious capability you are co-creative to the Creation for the Creators in all word, thought, and deed under their guidance, direction, and protection.

Christ Consciousness is the key. Once you get the idea that Christ Consciousness is what it's all about, you get the picture about everything that's going on. In Reality, Creation exists solely through the loving responsibilities of Christ Conscious Soul Atoms in projection like yourselves. Where 'In a projection' means you have incarnated into a physical body within a dimension of visible light to be of love and service to the Creation for the Creators such as on Earth.

As the Piscean Christ for the Piscean Age, Jesus Christ taught and exemplified Christ consciousness to the masses two thousand years ago. Today, the Aquarian Christ for the Aquarian Age is not in the form of a single individual, but in the form of the collective mass expansion of everyone's consciousness back into full Christ conscious capability, individually and collectively.

The seed has been set, The Woman dressed in white, namely the Aquarian dispensation, has given birth in the wilderness namely, Man's outer consciousness bestial condition, to a Child bathed in the radiance of the Son namely, total Christ Consciousness. The warm up to the birth, was started on October tenth of  nineteen sixty two. Which concluded on December twenty first of two thousand and twelve following the predictions of the Mayan calendar. The actual full working seed of Christ Consciousness expression was planted in everyone's hearts and consciousnesses in mid-January, two thousand and twenty one, and will continue to grow rapidly in every increasing Christ expressions from now on for the next two thousand years.

In setting up the forefronts of Creation, in accordance with their Intelligent Design, the Creators formed the Cube and Sphere into the frequencies of their fourteenth dimension as the progenitive outer projection incarnation of their Holy Trinity self. In establishing the principle as progenitor, the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega was simultaneously both the first living Soul Atom in existence and their first official incarnation. Through the frequencies of the Cube and Sphere projection, Creation has eventually became projected and will continue to expand until completed as the eventual final outer projected conversion of their Great Even pool self into permanent outer manifested from.

Within the greater made outer projection of the Creators known as 'Creation', their Inner Creation comprises their Inner Consciousness matrix aspect, and their Outer Creation comprises their outer bodily manifestation. The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega is as their living Soul Atom self, forming their outer manifested projection under the Will, Desire, and Action of their Holy Trinity Self.

The same principle applies within yourself. Just as the Holy Trinity Self of Alpha and Omega formed a lower dimensional Cube and Sphere outer projected manifestation of themselves in order to undertake the works called Creation, regardless of the dimension you are from or from where within Creation you have come, your Soul Atom enters a lower dimension to do Co-Creative works within Creation by forming an outer projection around itself. Namely, an outer Substance body manifestation around your inner Christ Soul Atom Self, known as your physical body and outer ego consciousness.

The process of projecting is called incarnating. The terms 'projection', 'projecting', 'forming an outer projection', and 'incarnating' all mean the same thing. Namely, the act of projecting into a given dimensionality to be of love and service to the Creation for the Creators in accordance with your original mandated responsibility via the act of forming an outer bodily projection or Substance materialization around your higher Christ Soul Atom self within the dimensionality involved in order to be about your Father and Mother's business.

Within any projection by any Being within any dimension, the rules of incarnating are the same. In parallel to the Inner and Outer Creations, your inner Soul Atom Christ Self forms two cubistic matrixes around itself. The first is called your Inner, Higher, or Upper Consciousness matrix. The second is called your Outer, Lower,  or Lower Consciousness matrix.

Your Inner Consciousness matrix is tied to your higher frequency factors, your Outer Consciousness matrix is tied to your lower. Your Inner Consciousness matrix upholds your spirituality and purposes. Your Outer Consciousness matrix upholds your outer bodily manifestation and achievements.

Your Inner Consciousness matrix is determined by the astrophysical family of Creation you belong to. It also includes your Celestial heritage of Descendancy if a Descendant Being, or level of Ascendancy if an Ascendant Being. It also includes your Soul Atom's original blue printed responsibilities to bear, plus those you have accepted, plus any lesser conditions you may have accumulated along the way and have agreed to clear away in your current incarnation.

Your Outer Consciousness matrix is particular to your incarnating environment, including all of your outer bodily aspects including the genes from your parents. It also includes any vibrations which may eventually become present from within your current environment. Your inner and outer consciousness frequencies together are the conscious persona by which you are known to yourself and others as you walk about. Your inner consciousness frequencies are called your 'Higher Self' or 'Christ Self', your outer consciousness frequencies are called your 'Lower Self' or 'Outer Ego Self'. Those whose consciousnesses are centered more within their higher Christ Self, are considered Saintly. Those who are centered more within their outer ego aspect, are called Egotistic.

Despite your third dimensional lesser existence, the principles by which you are composed today are the same as the basic Principles of Creation. In following the progenitor principle of Outer Creation around the Inner and the Inner Creation around the originating Soul Atom Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega, your Outer Consciousness matrix surrounds your Inner Consciousness matrix and your Inner Consciousness matrix surrounds your originating Christ Soul Atom Self who made the projection. The same is true for every incarnated Soul Atom in Creation. Again, 'As above so below'.

At the present, you are a Christ Triune Celestial Soul Atom Being who has precipitated a temporary outer material projection, called 'physical body' within the limited confines of Earth's third dimensional lesser time line outer frequency condition. At the end of the Age of Aquarius two thousand years from now, most of you will have been moved back up into the fifth dimension where you belong, and there will be no more outer population contaminating the surface of Earth.

At the moment you are caught within the frequencies of Earth's third and fourth dimensions by misalignment with the One Law. Under normal circumstances, the first four dimensions of Creation do not hold populations. On Earth an aberration temporarily exists whereby third and fourth dimensional expressions of consciousness do exist.

Living physically as you do within the third dimension, existing day by day with self serving interests only, you are living completely illusionary existences. Your day to day activities and motivations are completely meaningless from the point of view of Reality. Contributing little if aught to higher Cause. What you consider to be the important daily events of everyday life have very few counterparts in Reality. In actuality you are a higher dimensional Christ Triune Celestial Being, who has become temporarily subject to Earth's lower third dimensional Mentallized Illusion which you yourselves have accumulatively created over the past three and a half million years and stay stubbornly adhered to.

Despite being subject to your lower frequency materializations, you still have all your higher frequency capabilities waiting within you. Within your current lower frequency third dimensional materializations you have five lower outer senses and one hundred and five higher inner senses. Your five lower outer senses are tied to the outer third dimensional materiality. Your one hundred and five higher inner senses are tied to the fourth and fifth dimensional beginnings of Reality.

On Earth, ordinary light is visible through your five outer senses. Auric light is visible through your one hundred and five higher senses.

The extension of your matrixes can be seen by the higher sense awareness of others around you as your auric field. The ten basic frequencies of the aura are:

White - endeavour to spiritually perfect 'man/body/mind/soul',

Yellow - protect 'man/body/mind/soul',

Orange - heal 'man/body/mind/soul',

Red - strengthen 'man/body/mind/soul',

Violet - understand and teach 'man/body/mind/soul',

Blue - you are of Christ 'man/body/mind/soul' nature of being,

Green - be at peace with 'man/body/mind/soul',

Brown - comfort 'man/body/mind/soul',

Grey - do not afflict 'man/body/mind/soul',

Black - do not destroy 'man/body/mind/soul'.

The auric fields of Humanitarians are mostly static free. The auric fields of despots are static imposed. When your outer consciousness has come into alignment with your inner consciousness as to become harmonious to the Creators, you become transfigured. When you become transfigured, your third dimensional outer bodily Substantiations merges in harmony with the auric frequencies of your fourth. After the age of thirty your fourth dimensional auric frequencies no longer age. Once you are transfigured you are no longer subject to death.

Ordinary visible light re-appears in narrow bands at higher and higher frequencies like the note C of the musical scale. Societal materializations in Creation exist only within the bands of visible light.

The octaves of visible light in which societal materializations occur are the fifth dimension, seventh dimension, ninth dimension, eleventh dimension, and thirteenth dimension. Societal materializations can also exist abnormally in the third dimensional band of visibility as time line aberrations such as on Earth. Time lines situations are very temporary and are not a part of the everlasting fabric of Creation.

Very, very few such third dimensional time line materializations actually exist, only about twenty five hundred in total spread across the thousand galaxies of this Local Universe, mostly in the Orion and Draco Solar Sectors of this Galaxy. Such third dimensional time line situations as do exist are miscreants, temporary aberrances resulting from the Luciferian's attempt to create a Self Will Universe responsible only to one's self and free from all responsibilities to the Creation for the Creators. All are slated to become reconfigured back into whole, sound, and perfect fifth dimensional Reality through undertaking of the all encompassing inter-dimensional clean up program now in progress called Armageddon. When Armageddon is completed, active time lines situations will no longer be a part of Creation.

Within the Outer Creation the fifth dimensional octave of materialization is the bottom line of consciousness activity.

Within the Outer Creation the seventh dimensional octave of materialization is the mainstay.

The eleventh dimensional octave of materialization is the mainstay of the Inner Creation.

The thirteenth dimensional octave of materialization is the Island of Paradise, the mainstay of all Creation.

The Creators are Alpha and Omega, Father and Mother. The five states of Being of Alpha and Omega above Paradise are:

18. Silent Being,

17. Being of Alpha unaware of Omega and Being of Omega unaware of Alpha.

16. Being of Alpha and Being of Omega being mutually aware of each other.

15. Being of Alpha and Omega as their united three way Father, Mother, Only Begotten Son/Daughter unified family principle called The Holy Trinity.

14. Being of Alpha and Omega as their first formed outer material projection of themselves called The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega.

13 to 1. Being of Alpha and Omega as their ever expanding outer materialized projection of themselves called Creation.

The thirteen states of consciousness relating to the thirteen dimensions of Creation under the Cube and Sphere are:

1. Intelligence,

2. Energy,

3. Substance,

4. Expansion,

5. Perfection,

6. Creation,

7. Completion,

8. Harmony

9. Balance,

10. Progression,

11. Fulfillment,

12. Wisdom,

13. Understanding.

The twelfth state of consciousness is the full Triune state of Knowing 'of' the Creators. The thirteenth state of consciousness is the full Triune state of Knowing 'with' the Creators.

Get thee 'Wisdom', but above all get thee 'Understanding'.


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  17. The Rebellion Aftermath
  18. The Battle of Armageddon
  19. The Chosen Ones
  20. The Army of Christ
  21. Translation
  22. The Day of Atonement
  23. Alpha and Omega
  24. A Brief Introduction to the Intelligent Design of Creation
  25. A Brief Introduction to the Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host
  26. Cosmic Thumbnails
  27. Cosmic Quotations
  28. RRrevelations


Intelligent Design Starrgrams

  1. The Origination of the Intelligent Design
  2. The Point and Center of Creation
  3. The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega
  4. The Principles of the Cubit
  5. Expansion of the Cubit
  6. The Inner Creation
  7. The Outer Creation
  8. Seven Dimensions of the Outer Creation
  9. The Galactic Underworld
  10. Time Lines
  11. Local Universe Trinitization
  12. The Seven Great New Anti-matter Universes
  13. Completion of the Plan
  14. Physics of the Third Dimension
  15. The Microcosm
  16. Proof of the Design
  17. A Brief Introduction to the Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega
  18. A Brief Introduction to the Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host
  19. Cosmic Thumbnails
  20. Cosmic Quotations
  21. Structure of the Electron
  22. RRrevelations


Radionnic Ship Starrgrams

  1. Radionnic Clouds
  2. Negative Polarity Anchor Ship Clouds
  3. Positive Polarity Anchor Ship Clouds
  4. Radionnic Anchor Ship Pairs
  5. Radionnic Mother Ship Clouds
  6. Radionnic Father Ship Clouds
  7. Mother and Father Ship Pairs
  8. M/F and Anchor Ships Together
  9. Lower Cloud Reflections
  10. Sylphs
  11. Radionnic Fall Holes
  12. Interesting Radionnic Things
  13. Additional Radionnics Found on the Internet
  14. Radionnics Found in the Media
  15. Rainbow Radionnic Effects
  16. Visible Radionnic Ships
  17. Additional Visible Radionnic Ships
  18. Crop Circles
  19. Brief - The Heavenly Host
  20. Brief - The Auxiliary Pleiadian Fleet
  21. Brief - The Intelligent Design of Creation
  22. A Brief Introduction to the Revelatorium of Alpha and Omega
  23. Cosmic Thumbnails
  24. Cosmic Quotations
  25. The Revelatorium Revelations
  26. Gallery

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