Starrgram 9: The Fountain Of Youth

'Gird up thy loins' does not mean to strap on a belt with a sword hanging down, it means to turn off the tap.

Within the confines of a temporarily instigated third dimensional time line situation, each kingdom should sustain the one above. The mineral kingdom in the first spatiality should sustain the vegetable kingdom in the second, the vegetable kingdom in the second spatiality should sustain the animal kingdom in the third. You should sustain from inductions into the Holy Grail within the open dimensionality of the fifth. If other than that then the time line is aberrant.

By design, the Holy Grail is part and parcel of the frequencies of your Scorpio astrophysical frequency and is the whole purpose of the Fountain of Youth.

Scorpio is centered in your genitals. The frequency of Scorpio is for both regeneration and for rejuvenation. Regeneration of the species is through the normal methods of conception and birth. Rejuvenation is achieved through a more productive use of your seminal fluids than simple carnal gratification.

Under normal circumstances, regardless of astrophysical frequency, if you disengage from lustful sexual activities (complete celibacy), including not casting your seed upon the ground (masturbation), not succumbing to nocturnal emissions (dream state encounters), and begin to dissolve your carnal thought (purification) your seminal fluids will start rising up your spine.

The internalized flow will continue up into your Pineal and Pituitary areas. You have a cup shaped resonance center between your Pineal and Pituitary glands. The center is called The Holy Grail. The presence of the fluid stimulates the process of higher frequency inductions called Manna from Heaven into the Holy Grail. As the inductions are the true source of sustenance, the rise of fluid up your spine is called the 'Fountain of Youth'.

The Manna from Heaven inductions into the Holy Grail are in the form of fifth dimensional and seventh dimensional Substance frequencies coming down from the staff pipe link up to the sixteenth dimension. As the Manna from Heaven is free of the lesser static conditions of the third and lower fourth dimensions, it's part and parcel of Eternal life. Holding your fluid for proper Manna inductions is called 'Internalization'. Letting it dissipate through a wanton carnal discharge is called 'externalization'.

Many of the incoming astrophysical and higher frequency inductions will produce a enhanced feeling in Scorpio. 'Though thy members may groan'. If you are not internalizing properly, the inductions will instead be felt as an urge to externalize. If you succumb to the urge, the induction effect will be dissipated and your opportunity for that particular rejuvenation event will be lost.

Samson had internalized and was wearing a Melchizedek robe of power allowing him to avail the greater powers of his higher Substance vortices. The robe was temporarily lost through an induced externalization by the dance of the seven veils. After he resumed internalizing, his robe of power was eventually returned.

Within proper Soul Mate couples, or temporarily sanctioned Soul Affinity and Soul Compatible relationships, love felt consummation does not result in frequency loss as the frequencies stay duly internalized within the union. If you are in the fifth dimension or higher, you are Androgen by nature and the internalization process within you is automatic.

The higher frequency inductions of Manna into your Holy Grail occur of their own in the higher dimensions and is how you sustain. The Fountain of Youth, Holy Grail, and Manna inductions collectively are a Universal Principle, and is how Soul Atoms once born, stay eternal. It is the universal process by which all Beings in the higher dimensions, including the Inner Creation and Paradise are able to remain in a projection as long as needed.

Manna is from the flow of Substance Energies going all the way back up through the linkages to the sixteenth dimension to the Absolute Pillar of Substance and Energy. Substance Energies from the staff of a cubit above, always flow into the staff of a cubit below. Manna for the fifth dimension comes down from the seventh. For the seventh dimension Manna is directly from The Local Universe Paradisiacal Son/Daughter involved, which comes directly from the particular Master Spirit of Creation of the Super Universe involved, who is tied directly through the Cube and Sphere through the Holy Trinity to the sixteenth.

The flow is called the Paradisiacal Son/Daughter's 'Life stream', which they pass into their Creation. In the Inner Creation it is always from the next material dimension above and higher linkages. Manna for Paradise is directly from the Cube and Sphere and through the Holy Trinity linkages to the sixteenth.

That you currently sustain mainly through the ingestion of food substance and fluids from the materialization of the third dimension itself, is a by-product of your internment within the third dimensional animal world matrixes of Earth. Which is how they maintain their Substance as they do not have a Fountain of Youth or Holy Grail principle. Also, it being one of the universal ways that the lower frequencies of the planet are being raised back up into higher frequencies.

In Earth's earlier lower dimensional congested Human conditions, the Fountain of Youth and Holy Grail principles are very severely abated except within a few to the universal detriment of everyone.

A Fountain of Youth and Holy Grail principle has been brought back into your main matrixes through the advanced Human bodies introduced into your evolutionary life stream during the Garden of Eden action of Adam and Eve twenty five thousand years ago. During the time of Atlantis, Methuselah and others proved that the capability for long life rejuvenation sustainability had migrated into the lower dimensional matrixes successfully.

Similarly, Beings in the higher dimensions do not sleep. Work gets done. That you sleep in the third dimension is likewise a legacy of the animal kingdom who sleep routinely as the fourth dimensional aspect of their existence.

In most of you today the Fountain of Youth and Holy Grails principles are still mostly abated, victim of carnal attraction.

The carnal conditions which afflict you today came mainly from experiments upon the sanctioned reproductive mechanisms which had been set up to draw animals together into reproduction. A special Substance/Energy frequency had been set up within their Scorpio centers whereby the process would be biologically and bio-chemically tendered. The mechanism was tied to Earth's astrophysics, so that the process would be activated cyclically depending on the particular animal involved and the astrophysical frequencies the particular animal was tied to.

Manna inductions are likewise tied to the incoming frequencies of Astrophysics and similar higher frequency cosmic Energies. Most of you today are still closely tied to the lower animal frequencies within your consciousnesses. The manna moments cause you to feel sudden unexpected pressures in your groin and you foolishly resort to carnal activity to relieve the pressure.

If your loins start to groan suddenly for no apparent reason, expect that a particular astrophysical or similar frequency has just moved in and strive earnestly to let the pressures pass without externalizing.

Rejuvenation is mainly Sun stimulated. The most frequent occurrence of pressures is when a Coronal Mass Ejection from the Sun hits Earth. When they hit they cause abrupt changes in Earth's magnetosphere, which reflects as a sudden uptick in your Scorpio frequencies. Internalization during the episode produces a net rejuvenation.

Similarly, a long period of internalization increases the possibility of attracting in and your Soul Mate. Because of Earth's current highly turbulent conditions, there is no guarantee that your Soul Mate will be attracted in. It is a fact however, that internalization will vastly improve the possibility vrs. wanton externalization.

You became aware of the animal reproductive frequencies when you became subject to the matrixes of the Earth animal kingdom three and a half million years ago. That was the main reason you were tricked into incarnating into the third dimension in the first place. It had been suggested by the Luciferians that you would enjoy the pleasures of a third dimensional animal based consummation, and you fell for it. However, 'Be careful what you wish for'. The Substance/Energy frequencies for animal mating purposes became interactive with your Intelligence related X Factor principle within your consciousness. The interaction set up the Substance/Energy/X Factor carnal thought imposition now known as S E X. Namely, a mental X Factor misuse of the Substance/Energy frequencies given to the animal kingdom for their reproduction.

It was now possible for you to initiate the procreative energies of Scorpio through thought alone, not possible in animals, though it has started showing up in the behaviour of some of the more highly evolved animals through seep contamination upon the original animal kingdom matrixes. Your new found sex ability led to lustful encounters where the purpose of either party was selfish gratification rather than a loving action together to dissolve static and for rejuvenation.

The proper non procreative action of an organism is to dissolve static through the balance of the male/female polarities between you and your partner within the action. Which is particularly appropriate to the female responses. Whose proper responsibility in a consummation is to dissolve the static in both parties. The proper responsibility of the male in a consummation is to help deliver the responses. In a proper consummation, the female draws the male into her responses so they become shared. Males have no need to externalize except for purposes of regeneration. Rejuvenation of both parties occurs through the process.

On the other hand, because of the short circuit called sex, male/male and female/female attractions could now be initiated through your mental imagination processes alone, and same-sex attracting came into the picture as yet another serious affliction needing translating. The cross polarizing of male/female frequencies needed to dissolve static through a proper consummation process is absent. Static is increased rather than dissolved. The Atlantians relied on this factor to found their demonic societies of Sodom and Gomorrah which eventually led to the forfeiture of Atlantis.

Erotic thought stimulation initiated through the processes of imagination also became a possibility, and self-gratification became a convenient release. Auto releases within yourself seriously afflicts. The cross-polarization of frequencies stays completely within yourself. An outright short circuit of your own internal male/female equalization, let alone the appalling usurpation upon Substance. Static is generated rather than dissolved.

Similarly, self-gratification has become one of the foremost problems of the present time through the direct imposition of the male against the female frequencies within your own body.

Self gratification seriously contaminates the integrity of your own Substance frequencies by tearing sensation from it as static, rather than by giving to it through the love frequencies of a harmonious proper male/female relationship to dissolve the static. 'Do not cast thy seed upon the ground' means exactly what it says. The same is true whether male or female.

Through constant lustful, same sex, and self gratification sexual practices, you now constantly initiate the Substance/Energy flows into your Substance without a correct static dissolve at the end of the process. The static bind in your consciousness generates even more carnal thought in a vicious circle.

For those of you whose self gratification condition has become severe enough, the frequencies between your Scorpio, Libra, and Virgo centers collapse and you develop a constant slight forward stoop at the waist as you walk.

Regardless of the dimension or frequency of your projection, in any outer bodily projection all of the dimensional Substance field frequencies comprising the net environment from the top end of Creation to the lowest frequency of the environment involved are accumulated in the projection to comprise the net vibrational materialization of your body.

If you lift a heavy vehicle to save someone's life, you Will righteously in righteous Desire, calling upon the Energy frequencies of your higher Christ Action. The higher Energies equalize sufficient equivalents of your higher Substance vortices wrappings that you are able to lift the vehicle outside of normal strength without harming or causing disharmony to your original Substance.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, when your normal projection based Substance/Energy frequencies are disrupted at the lowest frequency by carnal imposition, the perturbations reflect all the way back up through your Substance linkages to the highest frequencies. Which is why the sex problem on Earth is so severe. It is not just a simple physical thing. Reflections of the stink go all the way back up to Orion.

The static carnal bind in your consciousness has been spilling into the astral realms for over three and a half million years causing untold congestion upon the lower frequencies of the Planet. The collective carnal bind upon the Planet is the number one problem that has to be cleared away today within the present transformational actions of Armageddon.

Consequently, the carnal bind on Scorpio within yourself is the number one problem you have to contend with today in your own endeavours for clearing your own static impositions. Without starting to clear out your carnality, your higher frequency spiritual Energies cannot start moving through properly.

It is also critically important that you do not confuse the Fountain of Youth with Tantric and Kundalini yoga. Such yoga practices are in no way the same as internalization and are a completely unsanctioned misuse of the Energies.

In a proper non-regenerative sexual experience, the action of the organism is to dissolve static. If you are in a loving relationship this does happen. If you are in a lustful encounter most of the static is spewed out through your rods in a chaotic fashion and even more static is generated in its wake.

The constant periodic strife in Northern India and foot of the Himalayas is the result of century after century of those practicing Tantric and Kundalini Yogis techniques since the time following Atlantis. Spewing seriously discordant Energies into the area as a result of their malpractices.

Kundalini yoga misuses the power from the Planet. Tantric yoga misuses the frequency of Scorpio.

Unlike you, in the animal kingdoms the impulse which triggers new molecular masses into self contained survival units comes from outside not inside the organism. By design, animal life, whether Morontia or Matter Substance is sustained by field impulses from Descendant Life Carrier Beings working within the Planetary fifth dimension. On Earth, frequencies of the Life Carriers stimulate properly configured third dimensional molecular matrixes into living creatures according to their matrixes.

Earth animals are materially, not spiritually embodied. They receive their sustenance through the outer means of ingestion. They also receive an Energy induction which supports their Pineal gland activity. The inducted energy is Planet-given and called Kundalini power. The induction center is at the base of the tail which acts as an antenna, and the Energy moves along the spine into the Pineal area which comprises an everyday aspect of their everyday lives.

Because you are currently caught up in an animal based condition, you also have a vestige Kundalini center at the base of your spine and the Energy likewise moves up your spine into the Pineal gland. Tantric and Kundalini yoga misuse both the Scorpio and Kundalini principles, both by trying to enhance them forcibly and by trying to tie them together. You do Tantric practices on the one hand hoping for a greater gratification of your sexual experiences. You do Kundalini on the other hoping for a greater selfish use of your Pineal gland.

From your point of view, successes whenever achieved seem like great moments in life, but are appalling upon everyone else within range because of the frequency discordances. The gratifications of self are never without loss to others. Giving in heart felt love to other always results in benefit to others because more higher frequency Energy allotments are able to move through.

When you finally do begin to divest yourself of your carnal urges and begin to internalize your seminal flow in earnest, your overall frequency will begin to rise. Through attunement to your frequency you might start experiencing lustful social encounters at night at the astral level (nocturnal dream visits), to be avoided.

Most of these visits will involve your meeting other sleepers on the same mental frequency as yourself who likewise may be roaming the astral planes during a sleep state. To avoid an adverse carnal effect it is only necessary to step away from the carnal opportunity being offered as though awake.

Nocturnal meetings are the source of most of the various Initiate and Cognoscenti type misconceptions that a celibate's true wife/husband will appear to them at night. Which also fools a lot of Clergy.

These visits will also sometimes involve impositions from lower negative astral beings who hope to trigger you into a release of Nplus static and absorb the outpour. These beings have no access to the down-coming energies from on high because of their reversed Ionnic polarity condition to the planet. Who obtain their energies instead from the Planetary plane any way they can as psychic vampires and other such negative activities by way of absorbing your lower consciousness static releases whenever possible.

Such is the source of such night time legends as Lilith, Succubae, Incubi, Adonis, the Old Hag and others. The activity is real enough. The case is completely misunderstood. The risk is nonexistent. Remember, these are but pests that annoy and wake up before their achievement is accomplished. If caught onto while still asleep, cut it off. Sometimes you will feel a sudden flash of anger or dismay from the interlopers when their plans become thwarted. The Old Hag in particular will originally appear to you guised as an extremely comely and enchanting woman, but will show her true very uncomely colors in great ire when you cut her off.

Also, tell whatever impostor in no uncertain terms to go back to the pit from which it came, etc., etc., never to return, etc., etc., and words to that effect. The more positive and forceful you are about it the better. Getting the word 'Christ' in a couple of times helps enormously. You have the power to do it. It was given to you by Jesus Christ when he gave his X Y Z comforters into your consciousness matrixes for your protection.

Two thousand years ago Jesus put X, Y, and Z comforters in place through the X, Y, and Z factors of everyone's outer consciousness. Among other things, the comforters are high frequency positive consciousness amplifiers which allow you to stand up nose to nose against any negative interloper, no contest.

You might also experience dream sequences that progress into more and more frightful jumps. Until suddenly a starkly frightening dream jump triggers you into an iron tight grip of fear. Nplus static in the form of raw emotional fear will spew out chaotically. If so, and in most cases, a nocturnal interloper has simply successfully triggered a fear response to lunch off your auric static radiation. The source of most nightmares. Also what your scientists call sleep paralysis for lack of better understanding.

The trick is to simply step away when you see it coming. If not, simply ride it out. Remember there is no need for alarm. These are but pests that annoy. The frequencies of fear and terror you sometimes feel within your Substance is the Energies of the mis-created Cosmic Overplus Positive pole connections coming though in the raw.

Sometimes you may become partially awake and feel like something heavy is sitting on your chest. The interloper will have become merely a little more emboldened or a little more desperate. Simply pooh it away with all the vigour you can muster, or ride it out without reacting until it has to withdraw or fade away from lack of re-action.

At some point you may encounter a more familiar and disconcerting figure of lore known as 'The Grim Reaper'. The Reaper will hover silently in front of you like a shimmering two dimensional hologram. It will slowly try and sprick you with the tip of its long silver scythe.

Don't be fooled, it's the Carney stand of the century. This specific interloper is simply trying to hoodwink you into believing your time has come in order to lunch off your death vapours if you succumb. You are in no actual danger even though the Reaper tries to make it seem like your time as come to an end. If encountered, like any of the other night time impostors, simply shoo it away with all possible vigour, even shoving it backwards out the door like a bum out of a bar if necessary. These are all but pests that annoy no matter what the garb.

Only Entities from the middle astral octaves three to five are able to roam freely around within the consciousnesses of Man. Those in the first two octaves one and two are cordoned in, unable to move out of the octaves without sanction. Those in the two upper octaves six and seven are too high high in frequency for mischief, and only move around for beneficent reasons.

Similarly, from time to time you might also sense a negative interloper trying to pull your etheric fourth dimensional body out through your head or feet. Sometimes forward or back, sometimes to one side or the other, sometimes up or down. Not altogether an unpleasant sensation, but to be avoided. If so, just wake before it goes very far. Their hope is to pull your etheric body out far enough that the link between your outer and inner consciousnesses is severed and like a hermit crab they can wiggle in between. This is what has caused many to end up in institutions who let themselves sink into the sensation.

Fortunately, your Comforters sense of alarm will start to trigger long before you would be in any real trouble and you will wake up eventually anyway. The earlier the better though for the less internal commotion to be dealt with in having to settle all of your higher Energy Substance vortices back into proper place afterwards.

Likewise, childhood fears of a Bogey Man are not unfounded. A night time interloper, usually as an indistinct black human form like Dementors from you Harry Potter movie productions will sometimes intrude on children. If your child starts to express fears about a Bogey Man under the bed, rather than deal with it dismissively tell your child not to fear, it is simply a nuisance psychic night time intruder who cannot really hurt them. Tell them to tell it forcefully to go away and not bother them again. Then make sure to wrap them in a protective field of love every night.

As you start taking more and more responsibility to straighten up your consciousness, and once you have started divesting yourself of all carnal thought completely such astral psychic impositions will have less and less noticeable effect upon you as you progress more and more. You will be able to deal with them with quicker and quicker dispatch.

More interesting Positive fourth dimensional night time experiences will also start occurring once you have started your purification process in earnest.

One night you may suddenly find yourself experiencing a bright green serpent striking relentlessly up and down your spine over and over again while you writhe in desperation trying to get away from the strikes. An extremely positive experience despite the interpretation. It is special Energy lines coming down from Orion to help clear out the Energy binds in your one hundred and forty-four astrophysical centers up and down your spine.

It is a qualified inter-dimensional experience which you will experience once you are ready. Which almost universally converts within your outer consciousness as the image of a striking serpent for that being the closest thing in kind that your Earth plane outer consciousness has within its memory experience to relate it to.

At a later time, more often years later, the striking serpent will be white. The white serpent clears your centers at even higher frequencies so that all one hundred and five of your higher senses can start coming back into activity within your consciousness.

If your positive night time experience involves an encounter with seven-feet tall people, your encounter is at the fifth dimensional level of consciousness. If the figures are nine feet tall then your encounter is at the seventh dimensional level. If you see someone who is unduly short, it is you who are at the higher dimensional level within the encounter.

Most of your encounters will be at the fourth dimensional astral body level which are normal sized and about thirty years of age no matter what the actual physical age of the respective parties. Thirty is when your astral body reaches maturity after which it no longer ages. Once you have started aligning your outer body back into harmony with your astral body, your rod and your staff will convert into a Cross of Power in which your outer and astral bodies merge.

Once you have a Cross of power you will be able to finish aligning your outer body back into harmony with your inner. Once your two bodies become back in harmony together you will be ready for transfiguration in which your two bodies will merge, after which you will no longer be subject to death.

If you experience a dream state which differs little from your normal wake-a day experiences, you are doing work in the third astral level of materialization. If the people you see are slow moving and zombie like in appearance, you are in one of the two lower astral hell state realms. If the scene is somewhat familiar as a city you know or place you have been, but far more advanced and exotic looking like a place from the future, you are in that city in one of its higher astral formulations.

If the environment is completely unfamiliar or even strange, you could very well be on one of the other planets suffering a temporary time line situation like Earth. If you encounter exotic fauna of almost unbelievable beauty and gentleness, big or small, you are in the fifth dimension somewhere in the presence of Morontia fauna.

Your experiences will vary greatly. Your episodes will depend entirely upon the work you are on Earth to do, and/or the expressions you are here to learn and manifest in combination with what you have been visited to the dream state location to do. Plus your level of experience and ability to handle the frequencies.

If your episode seems positive, you are likely being taught something or are being shown a way, or are doing work. If it is negative, you are likely being cautioned about something or helping to try and clean up a bind or condition within yourself or somewhere in a particular frequency. There are no fixed rules, you will develop your own sense of interpretations over time as your experiences and effects accumulate. Prescient exposures are a big aspect of timely dream state experiences.

It is also important to remember that proper designed Christ inter-dimensional communication is through the direct Melchizedek consciousness to consciousness principle known as 'Induction'. You suddenly know when you need to know it something you didn't know before. Whereby the information is passed from the higher consciousness of the first in a higher dimension to the higher consciousness of the other in a lower dimension. The passage is directly from the Inner Christ Soul Atom of the first to the Inner Christ Soul Atom of the second as pure thoughts rather than as sentences or phrases.

The recipient Christ Soul Atom converts it into the language of the moment, and then passes the thoughts to the outer consciousness aspect of its own outer bodily projection to be translated further into the language or communication structures of the local environment. Who then passes it out as a new revelation, Christ teaching, or prophecy as the case may be.

In this respect, the purveyor of 'The Revelatorium' is not the Creator, aggregator, or mental interpreter of the information, merely the wordsmith who has accepted responsibility to induct the information unselfishly and translate it into an language form recognizable within your current Earth third dimensional level of consciousness. Which is why you do not see an author cited anywhere trying to hype this writing, and/or flaunting their resume or credentials as the reason you should accept 'The Revelatorium' as truth unfolding. The name is on the cover of the books solely for legal reasons. 'The Revelatorium' stands on it's own two feet, not those of the Wordsmith bringing them through, which would be Mankind's way of doing things.

The name Delahnnovahh-Starr Livingstone used however has additional significance. It is a Melchizedek name, and had been given during an Elect of Christ ceremony in the summer of nineteen seventy three. It had been passed straight through to the presenter from the Melchizedek worlds of the Magellanic Clouds for the purposes now unfolding.  'Nnovahh' in Latin means new, and 'Delah' means day. The double letters imply a high frequency ionnic action in the wording, the hyphenated word 'Starr' ties the action it to a fifth dimension level in consciousness, and 'Living' stone implies a living stone of truth. The name ties directly to the new day of Creation being started up in Andromeda as explained in detail in Starrgram 12 of  'The Intelligent Design of Creation'. Which is where the long term responsibility of this word smither lies.

It is also important to remember that channelled illuminations in the form of voices, automatic writings, props, and other such outer effects are not the usual way of Reality. Channeling is a lesser art, usually from a lesser source. Usually done by telepathy from the outer consciousness of the one to the outer consciousness of the other. If so occurring to you, use caution. Let your Christ center in your breastplate be your 'True' or 'False' guide. If you feel uncomfortable or not sure about something you are receiving, sufficient reason not to become excited.

If you accept something and it was a hoodwink from a negative source, you are still responsible for whatever you do with it. A creator is responsible for their creation as long as that creation exists. You are much better off waiting to see what reinforces about it down the road or not. Cause always confirms itself in effect. Your Christ center will never let you down.

Similarly, if you feel a harsh onslaught of carnal thought coming on, see it for the imposition it is in actuality. To break the bind, turn your third eye to looking upwards by envisioning the view as sloping upwards from your forehead rather than straight ahead or downwards.

If you let your inner gaze fall downwards, the Energy flowing out from your Pineal gland will loop back down into your Scorpio center. Which will then move back up to your Pineal gland through your Energy centers up the spine and out your Pineal Gland again. Creating an internal continuous loop of carnal or angst thought imposition which can plague you like a siege.

As an alternative, place the back of the forefingers of one hand against your forehead and quickly scoop your forefingers upwards and outwards in front of your forehead like gouging out virtual goop. Then throw your fingers aggressively forwards and upwards like trying to flick the goop off the ends of your fingers. Once or twice is usually sufficient to sever the loop.

You can also break a persistent negative psychic thought loop of carnal or stewing angst or resentment against someone or something by the same techniques. Remember also, that if you are finding fault with someone in your thoughts, they are finding fault about you within theirs. This is almost a certainty. It is also almost a certainty that if you are thinking positive thoughts about someone else, they will be thinking positive thoughts about you in return. Which tells you one hundred percent how to deal harmoniously with others.

Remember too that internalization is not a short term thing. It can take up to ten years to completely clear your carnality if you are sincere. In some cases twenty. In extreme cases more than thirty.

Likewise, rejuvenation events occur in noticeable periodic monthly and bi-monthly inductions tied directly to the Sun sign changes around the twentieth of every month. Also, in the change from the induction phase to the discharging phase that occurs after the beginning of each month during each monthly Sun sign. Plus during assorted cosmic events, like new incoming super gamma ray bursts and similar radiations.

The inductions are through your Scorpio center which fans out through all parts of your auric body. To capture the effect, envision the Scorpio energy expanding outward through your complete body including head and toes when you feel the pressure in Scorpio starting to build, instead of wasting your fluids by succumbing to the urge to externalize.

An effect from the rejuvenating event will immediately be noticeable and will wane somewhat until the next cycle. The net effect over the recurrences is that you rejuvenate.

Once you are ready, the change of your rod and staff into a Cross of Power is almost instantaneous and very dramatic. Feeling almost like reaching into the toe of a sock, grabbing the sock at the toe and giving it a vigorous flick to turn it inside out. It is done in an instant. Where once you had a rod and staff, you now have a Cross of Power.